Thursday, February 25, 2010

pics and music

Some pics of the season:
good o.. its up

one of my beautiful favs with welsummers behind and behind agian is cross bred wyandotte with 5 little favs

Here's a test run to see if I can also upload audio ok
This is a little ditty.... or dirge as some would have it... from my old band about a farming community.. a path in the road past travelled... a doomed relationship.
You know... Some relationships come with baggage, implications, even a landscape ("carpet of yellow" ie canola crops)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chook self sufficiency

Hi there,

I'm working on a pen system to give us chook eggs all year round and to be able to eat a bird once a week.

Faverolles are my main bird of choice. They lay in winter. They look fabulous and they are revered by the French for their culinary prowess and even have their own special dishes. Appearntly they are "dressed up" .. presented in the butcher's windows.

I also have some austrolorps, (one is at least over eight years and she is still the crankiest and boss hen), welsumers and Wyandotte crosses. Wyandottes make for great broodies.

So... two flocks , one bigger 9 and rooster, one smaller, 4 and rooster with two houses each with two large runs to rotate and help break worm cycles, fox and dog proof. Then a broodi cage ... to be replicated by 6 broodie chooks can sit on twelve eggs. sparrow proof, only used once a year. .. Say 8-9 hatch once half size can be reared together in third large compound.

I mainly feed them mixed grain and greens and chook edible kitchen scraps. I must try growing a wheat crop for them.